SEGESTA Sp. z o.o.

Wróblewskiego Street 29/2
51-627 Wroclaw

tel. +48 71 348 75 89


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Nowadays, each modern building is a complex organism encompassing various functions, systems and installations.

A sole architectural mass, even the most beautiful one, or the most durable structure, such as, for instance, the ancient temple SEGESTA, whose image forms the logo of our company, is of no use unless it is imbued with mechanical and electrical systems, unless electronics and automation are used there and there are systems enabling the intelligent management of the building.

SEGESTA Design Office - a multi-trade installation design office - has been founded in order to meet these needs of the development market. The Office uses the experience, business relations, and traditions of the Engineering Office CANDELA (founded in 1995). Together they form the Design Office Group. The two companies are owned by the same people, they are seated in the same place and use the same administrative and technological facilities.

The aim of the Office is to provide Investors, Contractors and Architects with full designing and engineering services, including coordination of all installation trades at each and every stage of executing building investments: from a conception to a building supervision. The standard scope of designing services has been supplemented by consulting, expert and technical opinions, investor?s supervision and contract engineer?s services.

In order to coordinate the operation of both companies, a management company - SEGESTA Sp. z o.o. - was established last year. Its function is to manage all contracts executed together by SEGESTA and CANDELA.

When commissioning designing services or technical opinions to SEGESTA, Architects, Investors and Contractors become certain that design works shall be coordinated in a complex way and that analyzed issues shall be approached in a modern and interdisciplinary way.

In comparison with similar offices, SEGESTA is distinguished by an efficient and modern managing system as well as by punctuality and financial reliability necessary for executing designs for investments awarded by public tenders and commissioned by foreign Investors.